Universal Medical Centre

No. 330, Puliakulam Road Puliyakulam, Opp. Carmel Garden School Coimbatore-641018.


Universal Medicare Center(UMC), located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a medical center that provides services in detecting and curing heart ailments. It was founded on 2nd October 2006 with a vision of providing outstanding patient care based on the principles of cooperation and compassion.

UMC is one of the very few medical centers which offers the most effective, economical and accurate (upto 97%) non-invasive Cardiac Diagnosis using its highly modernized diagnostic tool : 3-Dimensional Cardiovascular Cartography (3D-CCG)

Heart Treatment therapies provided include Chelation Therapy or Arterial Clearance Therapy (ACT) which is the world’s most controversial but very effective alternative to Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty.

At UMC, we present these therapies so lower middle class families can afford them.

UMC houses a professionally qualified team with well trained doctors and dedicated nurses who strive hard to keep up UMC’s quality, success and fame.
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