Sri Sugar Nadi Jothida Nilayam

74, Sathy Cross Road, No 1 Gandhipuram, Opp. GP Hospital Coimbatore-641012.


Those who are the senior naadi astrologers of valluvar family who had practiced to read the ancient palm leafs of maharishi’s from their ancestors who were experts in reading and predicting the same.

We are doing this spiritual and greatful service to the people who come to us in search of their leaf to know their future and make prosperous.

After finding out their leaf we predict them about their future and suggest certain remedies to clear their karmic debt as written in the ancient palm leafs of shri Agasthiyar and sughar maharishi’s in detail and as accurate. We are running an office at Coimbatore district, Tamilnadu state, India for past three decades and a branch office at New Delhi for last 12 years, India and we are traveling allover the world for the same.
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