Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar - R S Puram

75, East Arokiasamy Road R S Puram Coimbatore-641002.
Open:4:45 AM - 5:15 AM
  • Since 1928


When a Resturant gets much relevance: This is something different and it’s about Annapoorna Hotel. The word “ annam” means daily bread and “poornam” means fulfilled. The Annapoorna hotel have committed for providing quality food with all delicacy. As a vegetarian restaurant with a class apart from similar category hotels, Annapoorna is dedicated for the public with the essence of delivering ethic based pure vegetarian food which ensures taste and quality. The mandalavratham and Sabarimala pilgrimage season are nearing to happen and the problem of pure vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and supper etc. are to supply in a decent manner and Annapoorna A/C resturant have taking responsibility for the same with full confidence. Annapoorna serves only best varieties of unique cuisine. With the criteria close to premium,

Annapoorna unwraps the traditional favorites especially pure vegetarian. It has everything for a pleasant dine. Chinese, North Indian and south Indian dishes are in the menu queue awaits visitors. Annapoorna , delivers an evoke of rejoice where each and every customer would have lucky enough to experience the apart service and hospitality that Annapoorna gives to all step in customers. In accordance with the Hindu religious ritual mandalavratham and Sabarimala temple pilgrimage season Annapoorna A/C resturant ensures the availability of pure vegetarian dishes including meals. With the hospitality and high class facilities of Annapoorna A/C restaurant , it beckons all visitors who’re keen to enjoy the mouth watering vegetarian food varieties of Annapoorna. This premium A/C restaurant hugs the very intuition where service mind and hospitality combined together. When you’re planning for a business trip, think Annapoorna A/C, the premium restaurant and they’ll be able to extend a get aloof goodness of hospitality and delicious dishes. Here, in this Annapoorna A/C restaurant you can experience and enjoy the different feel of excellence.
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