Oven Fresh

16/17, Sir Shanmugam Road R S Puram Coimbatore-641002.


Based at Coimbatore, Oven fresh provides specially baked cakes and treats that are available for shipping locally. Our cakes are made using fresh ingredients and are created with skill and artistry. From brownies and cookies or the perfect strawberry cake, our bakery provides just the right items for celebratory moments or everyday treats...

We bake delicious gourmet cakes from scratch and our cakes are known for their delicious taste. Our loyal customers love the taste and quality of our baked goods – Oven fresh is consistently exceptional. Since 1996 we have been baking cakes and delivering them wrapped carefully to our customer's. We take pride in the baking process, the ingredients, the presentation, and the delivery. You can expect the very best from Oven fresh.
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