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Niagara Automation & Company was established in 2005 is leading technology driven company based at Coimbatore. Our main objective is to provide a complete solution for water management automation system for Domestic, Industrial & Agricultural needs. Also the company has continuously imparted advance technology from day to day basis for providing solutions to the various needs in the Domestic, Industrial & Agricultural Sector. We are one of the leading and most successful Automatic Water Controller manufacturing company. We are also the pioneers in bringing up the "Mobile" based Automatic Pump Controller and Starters for Single Phase and Three Phase with Water Pump Controller which has made a tremendous impact in the Agricultural Sector.

We have also introduced India’s most advanced GSM based Starter Controller with Voice Response System in various Regional Languages. We also provide other customized products such as GSM Switch, Customized timers for Hoarding Lights, Street Lights, Remote Lights & Commercial building lighting system. The company has its technology centre with dynamic young aspirants, thriving and willing to provide solutions to the challenging problems encountered. The most success has given the responsibility to provide extreme quality in all our products with our team work. We have also an ISO 9001:2008 TVE Certified Company.

We have well trained technicians under our fast growing Distributors Dealers under the supervision by the Company”s Service Engineers. Also we are planning to start State Wise customer care centers shortly.

We are appointing District wise Distributors Dealers network with efficient sales team headed by our vast experienced Marketing Manager. As per the customer need and marketing department requirements we are developing the new innovative automation products with all sales promotional activities. We have also been participating regularly in Agri Intech Exhibition conducted in Coimbatore and it has given a tremendous response among Farmers and Agricultural Sector.

Scorching summers threatens our planet everyday and people in much dry land have started to honor water more than the most valuables in the world. We cannot imagine life without water and if it was so, it would be just a big round revolving the sun having soulless human history on its lap. It is a crying need to save every drop of water and energy, since it is a hope of life in future. This necessity has whipped us to invent water pump controllers with most recent technologies capable for cherishing water and energy.

The world knows there have been reasonable rates of failures in perfecting the inventions of such Automation of water pump controllers. Thanks to time and labour, we have crossed many barriers and at last developed fool - proof water pump controllers which can act like a human being but with out human being.

We have named it "NIAGARA" - "The Spirit of Water"

The Automatic Water Pump Controller

What it does........
As if you do

It saves water and energy
Such little savings of energy get collected to a mass of majesty
Switches off the pump at overflow. Precious water is saved atlast
Monitors the pump all by itself as we are in-escapable out of office routine
Inbuilt timers save precious time

"Water Water Water Everywhere But has to be saved for the Birth of future and Niagara does it"

Niagara manufactures Automatic Water level Controller Water Pump Controller, Mobile starter for water pumps, etc.,
ISO 9001 : 2008