Global Ortho And Trauma Center

59, Kaligarayan Street Ramnagar, Near Hotel Alankar Coimbatore-641009.


Global Ortho and Trauma Hospital is a multi disciplinary Trauma and Orthopaedic unit started in 2013. We welcome you to a new era in orthopedic care. We strive to provide comphensive trauma care to the patient. It is our mission to improve the lives of our patients by providing exceptional orthopedic care. We strive to fulfill this mission through innovative technology, research based outcomes and high quality care, delivered by the most skilled surgeons, nurses and therapist.

The surgeons have a reputation for innovation and creativity. Many of our surgeons have completed fellowships in a variety of super-specialities including: Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Lower and Upper Extremity Trauma & Orthopaedic cases, problems of the foot and ankle, and Spine Problem. They are supported by physicians from a variety of other specialties including: Diabetology, Cardiology, Neurology and Anesthesiology & Intensive care. These physicians assist with your care during your entire stay.. Our nursing staff provide professional medical care with utmost hospitality.
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