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Believed to be more than 10,000 years old, Siddha Medicine is one of the oldest medical systems flourished in the period of Indus Valley Civilization. This system of medicine originated from south India in Tamil Nadu, The Siddha which as part of the trio Indian medicines - SiddhaAyurveda and Unani... The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi which means an object to be attained perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha focused to " Ashtamahasiddhi " that is the eight supernatural power. There were 18 important siddhars wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts, fragments of which were found in different parts of South India. Of these 18, Agasthya is believed to be the father of siddha medicine. Siddha medicine is claimed to revitalize and rejuvenate dysfunctional organs that cause the disease and to maintain the ratio of vata, pitta and kapha. The siddha medicine given to practitioners includes leaves, flowers, fruit and various roots in a mixed basis. In some extraordinary cases, this medicine is not at all cured. For those such cases, they recommend to take Thanga Pashpam in it; gold is also added in an eating method.
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